We provide both short and long-term individual, couple and family therapy. Please consider the following and contact us if these questions resonate within you:

1.   Are you or another member of your family struggling to cope with trauma, grief and loss and/or traumatic bereavement?

2.   Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression? Anger, sadness or resentment? Would you like to develop effective and healthy coping skills to manage these symptoms?

3.   Are you and your partner finding it difficult to communicate or stuck in feeling lonely or unappreciated? Would you like to increase communication to have a more satisfying and mutually reciprocal relationship?

4.   Do you feel as though you are having the same fight and argument with your partner?

5.   Are you and your partner struggling due to an emotional or sexual infidelity? Are you having a difficult time building trust in your relationship?

6.   Are you considering divorce?

7.   Do you suspect that your child has, or has already been diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety or Depression?

8.   Have you or your child been the victim of abuse or trauma? Are you struggling with how to help your child cope and manage the trauma and abuse? Would you like to help the family and your child heal?

9.   As a parent, are you feeling at a loss for how best to help and communicate with your teen or adolescent? Is the family having a difficult time transitioning into adoloscence?

10.  Are you having a difficult time, as an individual, couple or family, managing life's transition, such as a move, change of school, death, divorce, medical issue, launching a child from the home?

11.  Are you struggling to cope with a mental health or medical diagnosis, with yourself, family member, co-worker or friend?

12.  Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed with caregiving for a family member due to medical or mental health issues?

13.  Has a member of your family been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Dementia or another neurological disorder(s)? Are you scared, anxious, sad or overwhelmed with caregiving responsibilities?

We DO NOT PROVIDE services in the following areas or with the following concerns or issues:

1.   Issues related to custody, for example: evaluation/treatment/recommendations to the court for child custody related concerns to include parenting competency;

2.   Parenting/Co-parenting;

3.   Treatment/therapy/evaluation for any addiction issues (drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex addition, gambling);

4.   Co-parenting/Parenting as recommended/referred/ordered by an attorney or through the court system;

5.   Any court-related issue, for example: domestic violence, court-ordered addiction treatment; court-ordered anger management treatment;

6.   Sexual offenders;

7.   Anger Management.

We do not have a Psychiatrist, nor do we prescribe medication.

Please refer to your insurance company to access providers who do provide these services.