At Life's Journey Counseling Center, Inc. we believe that people can live more healthy and functional lives. Although emergencies and crises do occur as a 'normal' part of individual and family development, we understand that individuals and families have the strength and courage to move through these difficult times when their situations and circumstances are heard and validated. This is what we believe.

We therefore believe then, that therapy can be about more than a 'psychological' crisis. Therapy can be about helping people cope with life transitions brought about by age or by medical issues of family members and the impact these issues have on the emotional adjustment of family members.

We are interested in working with individuals and families who are struggling to emotionally manage a medical diagnosis, cope with an illness, and the impact and effects on all family members. It is not uncommon that these issues can affect one's moods and lead to symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition, it is also fairly common that these symptoms can contribute to the development of unhealthy interactions among family members.

Some of our special interests include working with grief, loss, trauma and chronic illness and the impact on children, individuals and families. We understand the impact that these issues may impose on individual, couple and family functioning.

We are also interested in helping people move through life transitions whether it be a child leaving home, adjusting to life as a couple, or adjusting to a separation or divorce; these transitions in life can bring about stress and create strained relationships. We also can assist in helping people move through other life transitions such as adolescent struggles, parent-child relationship concerns, and transitions related to birth, death or individuals and families coming to grips with the end of life of a family member or close friend.

Additionally, we understand that throughout a long term medical illness there is tremendous stress on the caregiver. At times, it may be difficult to grieve while caring for a loved one. There may be symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma that appear throughout the care giving process. We are aware that the stress of care giving on family members and professional care givers is often overlooked and so we are mindful of the toll that this responsibility has on the individual caregiver and the caregiver's family.